Injured in a Car Accident?

Hassle-free auto accident injury care

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Car accidents, no matter how severe, can leave long-lasting effects on your physical health.

My name is Dr. Cole Jones, and my team of highly trained healthcare clinicians and I are providing a unique service where we now offer in-home physical therapy to people involved in car accidents. This service was designed to provide safety and security during these times and for the future, by providing the same phenomenal care in the comfort of your own home.

The purpose of this service is to help our patients who have suffered from injuries sustained in a car accident and cant get into our office due to work schedule, time restraints or are ambulatory and cant get to our office.

Benefits of At Home Therapy include:

Benefits Include:
Convenient in-home care

One-on-one care, with equipment brought to your home

Get better without leaving home

Avoid surgery

Pain management without medications

Mornings, evenings and weekends available

Let our auto accident injury experts help you get better without leaving your own home!

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What are the benefits of physical therapy
performed in the home?

Patient-Focused ● Convenient Care ● Effective Care


Ease and accessibility is always the first thing in-home therapy patients point to when discussing why they choose home physical therapy. Instead of dealing with scheduling conflicts, weather, travel challenges, and other factors that impact those who are traveling to receive outpatient therapy services, when the therapist comes to them, they can focus more on the healing process.

One-on-one care.

When a patient is receiving in-home PT, they have the undivided attention of the caregiver. In an outpatient setting, a PT may be overseeing multiple patients while they are working through their treatment plan, or distracted by administrative or other duties. When treated at home, patients generally feel that they are receiving a higher quality of care.

Reduce Stress.

Outpatient can be stressful. Some outpatient therapy rooms are large, crowded, and noisy. Many patients can feel overwhelmed or anxious when they are trying to recover from injury or illness, and they are experiencing external stressors. With in-home care, they may still feel stress due to their condition, but they feel most comfortable in their home.


A 2016 study found that home-based physical therapy was just as effective as outpatient therapy services. More compelling, is that the study showed in-home care was even more effective in the long term. As expected, adherence to the prescribed treatment plan is the largest factor in determining the effectiveness of an in-home therapy plan. Additionally, patients found that in-home treatments were more intensive and focused because of the personalized treatment received when the therapist is working with you in the home.

Increased Functionality.

When the physical therapist is working with a patient in the home, the movements and exercises are immediately more relatable for them. Instead of having to tell the patient to perform a certain stretch in a doorway, they can show the patient exactly which doorway to use. While this may seem like a small thing, having a routine translate to the patient’s known environment contributes to better adherence and understanding.

“I appreciate the care and help that Dr. Cole has done with my rehab. I am feeling 100% better now after my car accident.  

Dr. Cole is a very good physical therapist and he gives 100% to helping his patients.  Thank you so much!” 

R.J. 2020

“The convenience of care that was provided to me was second to none.  Having Dr. Jones treat me in my own home and work around my schedule was a life saver.  I had significant back pain after my car accident and it is completely gone now.”

C.B. 2020

Injured in a Car Accident?

Hassle-free auto accident injury care