Proprietary Pain Program That Works!

(…I am tired of all the pain gimmicks and empty promises of other pain programs. Our works!)

Dear Friend,

My name is Kirk and we have been treating pain for the last 25 years. We know what works! I want to give you something for FREE that could change your life. So keep reading.

What sets Integrated Pain Specialists apart from anyone else in Utah is our state-of-the-art exam and advanced 6-step healing process.

The team of expert physicians and providers have a combined over 100 years of clinical experience and have developed a comprehensive exam that identifies the underlying cause to your condition.

Then together, they will discuss your individualized path of healing, uncovering the root cause of your health problem & exactly what your specific advanced treatment needs need to be to get you pain-free AND ensure it doesn’t return.

Our proprietary interventional 6-step process to healing is proven to work and get you living your pain-free life! We’ve helped over 50,000 patients in the past 25 years with an 84% success rate.

One of the primary reasons for our high success is that we only accept patients we are confident we can help. If we feel we can help you, we will tell you & provide a clear path to achieve your health goals.

If we cannot, we will tell you & assure we will get you to someone who can. This is our promise to you. We are passionate about helping people who are ready to commit to their health and engage in the most successful treatment plans available. We hope we can help you too!

Our FREE consult, performed by our Patient Care Coordinators, helps us better understand your condition, verify your insurance benefit & properly prepare you for your individualized comprehensive exam.

Rest assured, we will not provide a service without clarifying your financial responsibility in advance & only if you decide to proceed.

Fill out the form below or call our office at to see if you qualify for our advanced healing programs.

When you fill out the form and complete your exam, we will give you the following COMPLETELY FREE!!


  • Free 30 min massage (Value$65 ) (Bountiful only)
  • Free High Strength Therabody CBD back pain relief muscle cream (Value $39.95)
  • (Therabody product)
  • Free Full Body Theragun Treatment (Value $50)
  • Free Laser treatment ($65 Value)
  • Total Value of $219.95