Principle 1

Good health does not happen by accident.

Principle 2

If you are overweight it is a symptom of some other problem, not the problem.

Principle 3

Exercise is not required for weight loss but it is for healthy living.

Principle 4

Calories are not all created equal.

Principle 5

Refined sugar is always harmful and bad for our health.

Principle 6

Processed chemical laden food is always harmful for our health.

Principle 7

To obtain or maintain health, it isn’t what we eat occasionally that will make the difference. How much we can cheat is determined by our genes.

Principle 8

Eating extremes are never healthy for long term wellness. No exceptions over time!

Principle 9

Hormone balance and optimal hormone function are essential for maintaining our health.

Principle 10

Our mental and emotional state influence our health and our health influences our mental and emotional state.

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