Are you recovering from some type of athletic injury? Have you recently undergone a type of medical procedure, or been involved in a car accident? Are you dealing with another issue that keeps you from being at your physical best? If so, physical therapy can help you get back to your normal, day-to-day routine.

Physical Therapy 101

Physical therapy is an effective treatment to combat pain and injury. At Integrated Pain Specialists, we can help you address your medical concerns through the expertise of our doctors of chiropractic, massage therapists and medical doctors, all of whom we’ve gathered with the of intention of increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

More than just the promotion of healing for pain or injury, physical therapy rehabilitation, also called physiotherapy, can strengthen muscle, increase flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and help patients to prevent future injury.

Integrated Pain Specialists offer therapy that works with the body’s natural healing processes, and the competent staff is committed to treating the patient as a whole person.

Manual Physical Therapy

With this type of physical therapy, a therapist will use soft tissue mobilization, neural tissue mobilization, and joint mobilization to help improve mobility, optimize functional movement, and restore tissue health.

There are specific, hands-on techniques that utilize pressure, manipulation, and kneading to help significantly improve the overall range of motion and to heal injuries throughout the body. Our therapists and other experts in this treatment method understand what works best for each issue to provide the treatment and results needed.

Physical Therapy Is Commonly Used At Integrated Pain Specialists For The Following:


Improve Your Balance and Prevent Falls


Manage Age-Related Issues


Recuperate From or Stop a Sports Injury




Neck and Shoulder Pain


Car Accident Recovery