Trigger Point Injection Expert

When you suffer from muscle pain, there’s little else you can think of than how to get long-term relief.
At Integrated Pain Specialists, we’re pleased to offer our patients trigger point injections designed to help you get the relief you need so you can live a more productive lifestyle without worrying about the pain.

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

When you have knots in your muscles that just won’t relax, trigger point injections can be used at the site to loosen them back up.

These small areas of muscle tighten so much they cut off blood circulation to the area, which can cause the pain you feel.

In some cases, this pinching can affect nerves in the area, which can transfer to the pain to other areas of your body as well.

This is called referred pain.

Unlike muscle cramps, these knots affect a small area of the muscle.

About Trigger Point Injections

In order to administer trigger point injections, we will either ask you to lie on your stomach on the table or sit, depending on the location of the trigger point.

First, our medical professional will locate the trigger point by pressing on the area with their hands and then mark the spot.

Ultrasound isn’t necessary to perform this search. Once identified, the area is cleaned using alcohol or betadine. We then administer an anesthetic spray to numb the area. We then inject medication via a trigger point injection needle and a bandage is applied to the injection site.

Ice, heat and over-the-counter pain medication can be used if the area continues to feel pain after the injection.

What to Expect with Trigger Point Injections

When you visit us for a trigger point injection, it can help you feel more comfortable if you know what to expect.

A trigger point injection uses a small needle, which means the procedure is relatively painless. A spray anesthetic can remove any pinching or discomfort you may feel, however.

This injection is meant to inactivate the trigger point so it can heal properly. One injection is often enough to resolve the issue. However, if the pain persists or the trigger point reactivates, you may need to schedule another appointment for subsequent injections. Treatments are completed right in our office, so there’s no need to go elsewhere.

Trigger point injections are more effective when you combine them with physical therapy and a home exercise program to work out the muscle.

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