It is not a secret that around 16 million Americans suffer from Back Pain. Therefore we could say that this condition is widespread, and it also has side effects per se and as a consequence of the traditional treatments.

Millions of others struggle with additional back pain effects. The expected thing to do is a hundred visits to the doctor, which keeps you from working or unable to go back to work for long periods of time. The whole situation affects not only your physical health but your mental health too.

A cycle, not so useful, has been happening for years now: 

When someone has back pain, schedule a doctor visit to give him a prescription, which only masks the pain. All medications have side effects, translating into other discomforts that need additional medication, so your doctor gives you another medicine to hide the new aches. Can you see the whole picture now? 

Medication only numbs the pain and exposes you to other illnesses. Besides, buying medications directly affects your financial situation because, with some treatments, you must stop working. You need to know that there are better options, with better results on a long term basis, that’s our mission at Integrated Wellness, to help you live pain-free.


Why does Joint and Back Pain happen?

What frequently happens is that there is an underlying issue causing chronic pain. Both old and new injuries, lifting weight, straining your back too much, inflammation, and joint chemical imbalances. When the pain doesn’t improve with rest, it is recommended to seek professional help. In some cases, the pain may spread to other joints or nerves down your legs, which is also a sign that you need to visit your healthcare professional. In severe cases, numbness or tingling are present. 

When back pain lasts three months or more, it is considered chronic pain, and some causes may include:

  • Muscle/ligament strain
  • Bulging/ruptured disks
  • Arthritis
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Osteoporosis

How to prevent back pain? 

To prevent back pain from becoming chronic should be your number one goal. The best idea is to include healthy habits to strengthen your muscles with exercise that involves beneficial weight lifting and flexibility and keep an eye on your body weight. All mentioned before can help you stay healthy and active and prevent joint and back problems from arising in the future.

Remember that your back is your whole-body support, so take time to pay attention to it. It needs regular strengthening and stretching to give you a healthy posture and a functional body in your day to day routines. Other practices like keeping a healthy diet will help in keeping your joints happy and healthy.  


Back pain can be incapacitating

Back pain takes a significant percentage of people who miss work or miss other activities and opportunities to only visit the doctor. It is in the top five of disability causes around the world. Back pain, even more, when it becomes chronic, causes physical limitation, emotional stress, and financial impact. 

When it comes to your daily routine, activities like exercising, cleaning, working, or simply walking are challenging. You start having low productivity and can’t focus because of the pain. Consequently, when all these issues surround you, you become depressed because you do not live the life you want on your usual rhythm. Not being able to accomplish the things you want in your day or everyday life over time takes a toll on your mindset as a whole, and this is why at Integrated Wellness Bountiful, our primary goal is to help you live the life you want and deserve, pain-free. 

Being sick or in pain gives space to financial problems not only to you but to your family. Medical appointments, medications, or drugs, and trial and error are exhausting and time-consuming. Integrated Wellness finds solutions to bring the best possible and long-lasting results because no one should live in pain! There are better ways and methods that bring actual results, come give them a try.


Medications are not the only answer.

Over the counter pain medications or prescription drugs are the most frequent solution for severe back and joint pain, but this is just a quick fix that shows no result in treating the real issue and preventing it from evolving and progressing into damage other joints or areas over time. 

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are common drugs used to treat joint pain, but the side effects may outweigh the benefits. These drugs can reduce joint pain and inflammation but only temporarily and have many side effects like edema, which is swelling caused by a build-up in the body’s tissues. These drugs may cause damage in various ways, but the one that researchers have studied the most is kidney damage that can result from the use of such medications.

Other medications like steroids and cortisone shots are injected straight to the problem joint; broad research proves there are no positive results to back its benefits and injections are expensive. Patients who have received steroid shots have been found to have no pain relief and only faster cartilage breakdown over time. A small portion of patients has reported seeing only temporary relief with steroid shots and experienced many side effects.


Treatment options offered:

At Integrated Wellness Bountiful, we offer a whole integral treatment which could involve: 


  • Chiropractic care: a unique approach to healthcare that focuses on the relationship between the body’s main structures and the patient’s health.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapists (PTs) are movement experts who optimize the quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. Physical therapists teach patients how to prevent or manage their condition to achieve long-term health benefits. 
  • Laser Therapy: When the photons of laser light penetrate the skin and underlying tissue, they are absorbed by the cells and converted into energy. The cell membrane permeability is altered, which triggers a cascade of cellular events.
  • Perispinal injections: is a procedure that can help relieve pain like lower back and knee pain by reducing inflammation (swelling and irritation). An infusion can also help your doctor identify the source of your knee or joint pain. The type of injection you receive is based on your specific symptoms and your physical examination findings.


To conclude,

More than 50% of Americans suffer from joint pain at least once in their life, most suffer every day. This is not normal, and it doesn’t mean that people need to stick to traditional methods that involve drugs without seeing any improvement in their condition. Advil and Tylenol are a short-term solution for treating symptoms without treating the real issue causing joint pain. 

At Integrated Wellness Bountiful, we offer a practical approach to treat joint pain and prevent it from becoming chronic or appear again in the future. 


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