What you need to know about Chronic Illness

Managing chronic illness accounts for 75% of our total healthcare costs.

This is because conventional methods simply mask the symptoms with pills and temporary treatments, rather than addressing the root cause. It’s time to take a different approach to not only chronic illness, but our overall health care system, and it all begins by asking “why?”

Managing chronic diseases accounts for 75% of our total healthcare costs.

Has a doctor ever told you “your labs look normal”?

It’s not uncommon for us to hear someone say that they’ve recently had labs done and the doctor told them “everything looks good”. This response offers no answers as to why they still suffer from symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, digestive issues, joint pain, or other symptoms that make them miserable. This leaves the patient questioning if anything is even wrong with them, or maybe it’s all just in their head. The answers may just depend on how you look at the labs.

A conventional look at labs

Did you know that lab ranges are based on population averages? That means that as people get sicker lab ranges get broader. Because of this, depending on where your doctor gets blood work processed, you may or may not have the markers of diabetes, hypothyroidism, iron-deficiency anemia or any of the other countless diseases. Unfortunately, you become sicker and sicker before conventional medicine pays any attention.

We look at labs differently

At Integrated Wellness, we take a Functional Medicine approach to blood lab analysis. Functional Medicine is based on the premise of optimal health, not the median of a sick population. Functional Medicine ranges are consistent with health and vitality and their ranges are constant, across the board. This is a more narrow range, and rather than looking at results as only too high, too low or normal, we consider the entire picture of the patient’s health.*


Let’s take the conversation further

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We look for the root cause of the problem

Taking a Functional Medicine approach allows us to identify subtle dysfunction in the body that may signal a need for dietary change, nutritional supplementation or further testing. We are able to identify what’s going on with patients who have been seen by conventional medical doctors but found no answers to their health issues. We are also able to identify potential problems when they are easy to correct rather than waiting until they become full blown disease states. It’s our goal to discover the root of the problem and understand why your body has become ill so your symptoms are relieved permanently. Once we have properly identified the problem and understand why you are experiencing illness, our practitioners customize a treatment plan using a variety of science-backed, non-pharmaceutical approaches to restore good health.*


These include:

  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Lifestyle changes (physical activity, stress management, sleep habits, etc.)
  • Advanced Supplementation (herbs, botanicals other natural compounds)
  • Energy Medicine
  • Nutritional IV Therapy
  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
  • Hormone Balancing Therapy

*Individual results will vary and may not be typical. The information on this page is not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.