For those just beginning their Pain Management Therapy, we stress that pain is not the same as discomfort. If your Pain Management Exercises are causing sharp or unbearable pain, temporarily discontinue your routine and speak with your attending physician immediately. We will determine where you are in your care and evaluate whether or not you may need to start different exercises or further prepare your body for this vital step in your treatment. With all of the hustle and bustle of our daily routines and obligations, it is easy to forget your home therapy exercises.

To avoid falling back in your treatment consider some creative ways to make sure that you have prioritized your pain management exercises. Remember, like any other fitness program, consistency is paramount in progressing and maintaining results.

Beginning Cervical Fulcrum Exercises

Beginning Lumbar Fulcrum Exercises

Upon completing this Beginning Phase of your home Pain Management Exercises, you will learn the new Intermediate Phase exercises that will continue to further strengthen and improve your spines condition and progressively create permanent and pain free results!

As a mantra: We South Jordan Chiropractors at Integrated Pain Specialists say, “Patients that do not do their exercises will cheerfully be referred to a clinic where they don’t care.”

We will support your every goal and effort to complete your Pain Management Exercises and Get Well, Be Well, and Live Well!