BACK STRENGTHENING – “The Arch Of Life” Molding And Reshaping the Lumbar


Back Strengthening Exercises will be part of your office visit and home therapy exercises from the very beginning of your treatment. These exercises are essential to maintaining:

“The Arch of Life”: the vital curves in your neck and back that determine your nervous system’s overall functionality.

When your spine is out of alignment and these essential curves are not maintained, your body will begin to manifest symptoms in the areas that are out of adjustment. When we are realigned and our spinal cord is allowed to be relaxed rather than stretched or kinked, optimal energetic flow is restored and all of the vital functions of our bodies are again restored.

Through these specifically targeted Back Strengthening Exercises you will gain permanent correction to any preceding problems experienced in the corrective phases of your treatment. This is the time to train your body for lasting change. Daily exercise, nutrition and supplementation will create amazing change in your life and create lasting results to your optimal health.

DON’T STOP NOW! Commit to this final and life-altering Phase and you will never look back and ask:

“What if I had just completed it all to the end?”

“Why am I hurting again?”

With all of the hustle and bustle of our daily routines and obligations, it is easy to forget your home therapy exercises. To avoid falling back in your treatment consider some creative ways to make sure that you have prioritized your pain management exercises. Remember; like any other fitness program, consistency is paramount in progressing and maintaining results. If you are loving the way you feel, make sure you have a planned time in your daily schedule set aside just for YOU! As you have now discovered, being in pain all the time is very debilitating not only to you but for your Family, friends, co-workers and loved ones. This small amount of time that you take for yourself will definitely continue to make all the difference in your overall attitude and daily capacities!

As a mantra: We South Jordan Chiropractors at Integrated Pain Specialists say: “Patients that do not do their exercises will cheerfully be referred to a clinic where they don’t care.”

We will support your every goal and effort to complete your Pain Management Exercises and Get Well, Be Well, and Live Well!