Do you love to eat outside? Or maybe you just don’t have time to cook everyday? Well then you can always Dine Out and lose weight! with our recommendations or guidance! Keep reading and find out more!

If you want to be healthy and fit, it’s best to swap eating out for eating in as much as possible. But we can’t always avoid it. Nothing throws off your weight-loss goals like a dinner invite. You want to be social and try new restaurants, but finding something healthy on the menu is hard, especially when even the best options have hidden ingredients or huge portion sizes. And nobody wants to be stuck with a boring salad. When a dinner date or dining out with friends or family is on the menu, what’s the best thing to order?

This post is adapted from an original article from Popsugar.


Appetizers or small plates are most often the best option on the menu. They typically have smaller portion sizes, making it easier to curb overeating. Appetizers also tend to have higher protein content (helping you fill up and stay full longer) and boost metabolism.


To Dine Out and lose weight, choose soups and salads because they give you more vegetables than most entrees. Just make sure to order one with protein, for example, chicken soup or salad with tofu or salmon. Also try veggie small plates like brussel sprouts, edamame or artichokes. And slow down, enjoy the food so you can feel more satisfied.


Remember to tell the server that you’re ordering your appetizer as a main so that you’re not left without a meal when the rest of the table gets served. And don’t be afraid to ask about the ingredients, either — choosing the healthiest option means knowing exactly what’s in it. Make smart choices at the table and you’ll never have to turn down another meal invite.

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