Nutritional IV’s have been in use for many years and all of the benefits would lead you to believe that they are for everyone and the best thing to come to health care! But did your doctor evaluate the pluses and minuses of this form of treatment with you? Nutritional IV’s should only be a short-term therapy and can do more harm than good if dependent on.

When is a Nutritional IV right for me?

Let’s begin with a few scenarios. Ask yourself if you can relate…

  1. You have made appointment after appointment with your doctor to no avail. Your condition seems to be resistant to the diagnosis and treatments you have received.
  2. You’re working.. or going to school.. or driving kids around.. and your busy schedule keeps you from cooking a well-balanced meal for dinner.
  3. You are not getting the nutrients you need due to antibiotics, hormones, toxin exposure, herbicides, pesticides, added sugar, your diet, etc.

*If you’re unsure whether you’re getting the nutrients you need due to your current medications or diet- we can help you with a free health consultation

All of these changes to our food and lifestyle have taken their toll on our foundational health as a society. We are not receiving the nutrients we need. This compromised state is called “dysbiosis” and is now the norm instead of the exception among many of the patients that we see.

The majority of our unwellness can be related to digestive disorders. When the bacteria in the gut has been damaged and or replaced by harmful forms of yeast and bacteria the body is unable to digest and absorb the nutrients and the vitamins necessary to stay healthy.

How Will Nutritional IV’s Help?

By supplementing the vitamins and minerals needed by the body’s cells through IV therapy, we are able to bypass the problems in the gut to provide many of the nutrients not being provided through the normal digestive processes. This will:

  • Increase cellular function
  • Increase energy
  • Detoxify
  • Increase chemical signaling
  • Aid immune function- to name a few

But keep in mind that this should be only a short-term therapy as a means to an end, not a primary method to bypass the gut.

So, Why Say No to Nutritional IV’s?

Supplying certain aspects of nutrition through IV’s can be very helpful to initiate a healing process but it is not something to become dependant on because:

  1. Our systems are designed to obtain our nutritional needs through a complicated process of digestion, absorption, preparation, distribution, and utilization.
  2. Normally, nutrients are released slowly into the system along with other nutritional elements which are prepared by the liver and delivered in an energized bioavailable form that the cells can readily use.
  3. When we bypass this system, we do so at some expense of autoregulation that is built into our body.
  4. It’s best as only a short-term treatment while we are helping to restore the original process of oral nutrition.

IV Nutritional Therapy should be a part of treatment to strengthen the entire system’s ability to respond to healing by increasing elements needed for healing, detoxing and proper immune response.

It is important for the gut to be treated at the same time in order to remove toxic bacteria and restore balance to the system.

This cannot be done with supplements alone. Proper diet and lifestyle changes must be incorporated to restore the normal processes that have been interrupted as detailed above. In most cases, this can be accomplished with the use of natural products that act as antibacterials, anti-yeasts, anti-parasites, and proflora.

Body, mind, and spirit all must be addressed to help correct our poor habits. We can reverse negative thoughts, plan healthy meals, and incorporate exercise into our daily routines.

Most importantly, we must educate the general public about the consequences of our current direction and begin to restore food and eating traditions that will re-instill health and wellness as a natural state of life.

We must all become aware and be willing to take part. In the meantime, however, as part of this process, Nutritional IV’s can be a great blessing if utilized wisely and with discretion.

Dr. Frogley is the current director of functional and energetic medicine at Integrated Wellness in Bountiful, Utah

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