What You need to know about functional medicine

Integrated Wellness is the premier Alternative Medicine Clinic of Davis County. Our unique approach combines modern medicine with scientific research and natural healing methods. We uncover and treat the root cause of illness. Finally, this is what healthcare should be.


Integrated Wellness Bountiful takes a different approach and always begins by asking why the person lost function in the first place. 

Functional Medicine VS Conventional Medicine

All disease can be explained by these six triggers:

  1. Stress – Emotional, Physical, and Mental
  2. Infectious
  3. Toxic – Chemical and nutritional
  4. Autoimmune
  5. Trauma
  6. Congenital abnormalities (genetic disorders)

In functional medicine, we believe the body was designed to heal if provided the right nutrients and the correct barriers to healing are removed from the body. Our practitioners at Integrated Wellness look at the entire body as a whole, not just its individual pieces and parts. Request an appointment today!

What Are Patients Are Saying:


I started a 6-week program with Integrated Wellness and have been pleasantly surprised at my results. The staff has created a treatment plan that has been effective and will serve me well for years to come. I couldn’t have asked for better people to come to for my treatment. All the staff are friendly and genuinely concerned about your well-being. I looked forward to continuing my treatment for those reasons and for my continued improvement.

– Timothy P.