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“I hate doctors. I hate shots, I hate pills, and I hate how sterile doctors offices are. This is not an ordinary doctors office. They actually care about you and they care about making you better. Thank you for talking to me like a human being and not just “another patient.” I’ve sent over everyone I know.” – 

-James Warner

“Dr. Kirk Wersland and his team at Integrated Wellness are outstanding.  They’ve helped me with treatment for my knees now I’m completely pain-free.  Best of all, they listen and work with you to determine the best treatment that fits your needs!” 

– Craig Bolerjack

“I have chronic issues that eventually will require surgery but Dr. Wersland is the best Chiropractor I have ever seen and through his care I have been able to postpone surgery for five years. He is very personable, knowledgeable and cares about his patients. All the staff at Integrated Healthcare are kind and helpful. I always leave feeling well cared for.”

Michelle Hough

“Love Dr. Wersland and his staff. I’ve avoided surgery and look forward to my weekly treatments.”

Linda Gambino

“Hubby and I were rear ended on the I-15 North almost in Bountiful. We both have whiplash and concussions. Since receiving treatment with Dr. Judd Gines at Integrated Wellness, we are seeing real improvement. What a professional, well run and state of the art facility. The staff couldn’t be any nicer, too. It’s easy to see how well they’ve been trained. That’s why we drive 45 miles round trip to treat at Integrated Wellness.” 

-Robyn Bryson