What You Need To Know About Health Coaching

Why Do You Need A Health Coach?

You and your health coach will work closely together to implement changes to your life that will benefit your health. A health coach will create a game plan for you to succeed in your health goals. Get the outcome you want while we work together in making behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Health coaching begins with a consultation so we can assess how to help you the best. You will be given a plan of action that will help you achieve living a healthier life. Your health coach will be your new friend as we work together for you to live well and be well.

Health Coaching Is A Support System

Your health coach is there to answer your health questions and get you on the right track to living well. We understand that making changes are hard, but we will support you and provide motivation so you can experience the best results for your health.

Support – Motivation – Keep on Track

What’s The Difference Between Integrated and Private Coaches?

You will receive more than a health coach at Integrated Wellness. If your health coach discovers further health issues, our medical team can run labs and get down to the underlying cause of your condition. Other health coaches don’t provide treatment options like we do.

We want to see you succeed in accomplishing your health goals. If you’re interested in learning more visit Integrated Wellness Bountiful today!

A Message From Timalee Snow, Health Coach

I began my journey of learning about healthy habits in 1999 when I attended and completed massage therapy school. From there I worked in several different areas but realized I wanted to learn more. In 2007, I felt the desire to understand the human body better, understand its functions, and how it moves, so I made the decision to take on personal fitness trainer certification through NESTA and later would become NASM certified. Through these courses, I gained a greater understanding of how our bodies work and move.
After several years of performing massage therapy and helping people on a better fitness journey, I realized there was still much more to learn. In 2017 I learned about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and made the decision to attend this school. I completed my program as a certified health coach in 2018 and since then have had many opportunities to implement my education.
Having gone through many struggles myself from weight loss to mental health, I have such a deep love for helping others feel their best. With all of these certifications and training courses I have taken, the most important thing I have learned is that I love to help others. I want each person I work with to understand their value and to help each person see how creating healthy habits will literally change their life. Through implementing better mental, physical, and emotional practices, I have seen lives change drastically and people become who they really want to be.
I am so happy to be part of the team at Integrated Wellness and believe strongly in their practices and programs. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader as you take on a new journey to the best you!