Results matter

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience at Integrated Wellness

Meet Kevin, an Integrated Wellness patient of 10+ years. He is 62 years old and still running in one of the hardest triathlons, The Iron Man.

Meet Kristen, an Integrated Wellness patient who has been suffering from back pain. She recommends Integrated Wellness to anyone who feels discomfort or pain.

Meet Wendy, an Integrated Wellness patient who had been living with pain for about 20 years! Now she is able to make plans without having to worry about canceling them due to pain.

Meet Kami, an Integrated Wellness patient who has been able to regain her independence after her treatments with us!

Meet the Querrys, Integrated Wellness patients whose pain has improved after their treatments. Mr. Querry said he regained hope in treating his neuropathy.

Meet Blaine, an Integrated Wellness patient who said he hasn’t felt his neuropathy pain since coming here!

The positivity, gentleness, and genuine kindness is one of the greatest means of healing. Coming here is uplifting on all levels. With all of the holistic means of healing, the process has a feeling of completion. I was guided here by a higher source and am so grateful for all of you, your desire to serve so many and provide true healing. Don’t stop

— Sharon R.

I have been very satisfied with my progress thus far. The staff has been very helpful and answered all my questions.

— Larry S.

They provide many treatments each time. After two weeks of their treatment, I feel like a new person. I have less pain, more energy daily. I would recommend anyone in pain or who wants to improve their health to check it out.

— Linda R.

The thing I most like about Integrated Wellness is the integration of physical therapy, chiropractic, injections, and other therapy! It’s treating my whole body (skeletal, muscle, and nerve) instead of just my knee. I can feel the difference if I miss my exercises just one day. Two months ago I could not walk up and down the stairs, walk without pain, or stand for long periods of time. Now I can go up and down the stairs and have only a small amount of discomfort standing. I am not taking any pain medications. When I need to, I wear the braces and they really help with endurance in long hikes or standing. I am so much better than I was 2–3 months ago.

— Bethany C.

Before I came to Integrated Wellness, the pain I was experiencing was preventing me from normal day to day activities. I wasn’t able to play with my child, I couldn’t relax on my couch, and I was sleeping on the floor. Since I’ve started coming to IW regularly, the pain I had has dramatically decreased and I’m now able to enjoy everyday experiences again. The doctors and staff at IW are very attentive to my pain and progress and were always working on how to achieve my end goals. Everyone I walked by was always happy and that made the atmosphere at IW a great one to be in. I’m so grateful for the progress I’ve received at IW, with physical therapy helping to build my strength to prevent injuries, body adjustments to help align my life, and the relaxing theragun treatments to soothe my muscles. I recommend anyone with any physical pain to stop living with the pain and to start treatment with the team at IW.

— Cassie B.

Integrated Wellness has been amazing! The staff are fabulous and genuinely care about the patients and want to help in any way they can. I look forward to coming to my appointments every time I come! My physical pain has lessened greatly and I am able to move easily, get relaxed and comfortable. I have been getting better sleep and my digestion has improved greatly as well. I will definitely continue to come here and enjoy every second of it!

— Roslyn S.

“Coming into Integrated Wellness I was only expecting some hardnosed set of doctors and physicians doing their job. Instead, I was met by team members who seemed genuinely concerned with my comfortability and success in their program, as well as open kindness and conversation. As time progressed I both felt physically better and socially comfortable. Their treatments and advice always felt fair and purposeful with the intent of getting me truly healthy for good, not just until I come back. I am extremely grateful for Integrated Wellness’s determination and kindness toward helping me.”

— Lucas J.

“Integrated Wellness has treated me great! So friendly and welcoming, as well as getting me out of pain and on the road to recovery quickly! I’d recommend them without any hesitation!”

— Patrick

“Since I have been coming, my back is improving. I can move better, I am not as stiff. My goal is to be able to walk without any pain.”

— S. Linville

“It has helped me- I am able to focus on my way of moving properly. The exercises have been very valuable. The team has been amazing at listening to the impacts and needs I have and helping keep the focus on my physical health, when adjustments are needed as I have progressed. The team has been very helpful. PT has really helped with the focus and goals.”
— B Gallegos
“I came to IW in the beginning for my neuropathy which entailed 12 weeks of therapy. Because of the treatments I have noticed a great improvement with my pain and discomfort. After 2-3 weeks, I injured my knees and ended up having surgery. They were willing to adjust my treatments to incorporate rehab for my knee and then finish up with my initial program. They have been wonderful to with and so friendly and helpful. I finished my treatments and ended up in a car accident with whiplash. Just can’t stay away. I would recommend them to anyone that needs natural treatments over drugs.”
— L. Weaver
“One week before my big European trip, my back and neck suddenly seized up. I was in so much pain! I was scared to death that I couldn’t go on the non-refundable trip.  I was referred to Integrated Wellness. With their help, I went from feeling absolutely horrible and dysfunctional to normal and ready to travel.  I cannot praise the kind and knowledgeable staff enough.  I highly recommend Integrated Wellness. Simply the best!”
— D. Marshall