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Joint Pain

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Numbness, Burning, or Tingling


Sharp, electric-like pain


Sensitive to touch


Diabetic nerve pain

Gut Illness

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A Story from our patient

Do you suffer from chronic illness?

Finding answers for Chronic Illness can be frustrating. Integrated Wellness Clinic has treatment plans that get to the root cause of your illness. Find the root, so we can provide an effective treatment plan. Our goal is to get you feeling good again.

I went for my first appointment and they checked my bone alignment, did x-rays, and general stuff.

What was different was the second appointment. Dr. Kirk sat down with us and explained why certain things are happening in our body. How it got out of alignment, and the reason for our bones, white tissue, red tissue, immune system, and skin.

It was amazing.

Dr. Kirk cares about your progress. The whole team is on board with making sure you are taken care of and getting the treatment you should get. They’re amazing.

Casey Stinnett

“I could not say enough for the amount of care, teamwork and effort put into everyone here at Integrated Wellness in helping me heal in my journey. The communication, integration of care between chiropractic, physical therapy, functional medicine and IV care has been what I have needed. All members of the staff truly make you feel like family and that you are truly cared about. I would not know where I would be without specifically Dr. Wersland and Dr. Chris. Each member of the staff have all amazing healing hands and care. I really had given up hope in getting my life back after a 4 1/2 year autoimmune disorder until I came here.
Thank you, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me!”
Cami F.

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