How does our weight loss program work?

Our medically guided weight loss program begins with a complete analysis to help you set appropriate goals. Dieter’s meet with their personal weight loss coach on a weekly basis. With the help of your coach, you are guided through a very individualized program to ensure success and most importantly, teach you how to keep it off. With our ‘Ideal’ weight loss program, your body will burn fat while sparing the body’s lean mass which includes the right types of food or ideal nutrients like protein.

How is it different from traditional treatments?

This program has a beginning and an end. Most diets don’t teach you how to keep the weight loss off. Learning how certain foods & macro-nutrients like protein combinations work, and being able to identify which foods make you gain weight, will help to ensure permanent weight loss results.*

Is it safe?

Yes, we monitor results on a weekly basis to make sure our dieter’s are losing the ‘right’ kind of weight. Most often dieter’s report back improved check up results after visiting their medical doctor such as; lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, reduction and/or elimination of medications and overall improvement of well-being!

Is it effective?

The protocol not only ensures weight loss but also stabilizes blood sugar levels and other obesity related issues.* Schedule your initial consultation today and find out how this year could be “Your” year!


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