Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)

What is NeuroModulation Technique?

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a unique and highly effective alternative form of healing that:

restores the body’s innate capacity to heal
is fast, safe, effective, and painless
is about optimizing wellness
has effectiveness that is not limited to any particular illness or disposition

Integrated Pain Specialists of Bountiful offers NMT. NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) was developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C. in 2002. Formerly known as the “Feinberg Technique,” NMT has garnered a reputation as an especially effective, yet highly safe form of alternative healthcare. Many thousands of people all over the world have experienced relief from allergies, and autoimmune illnesses such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, myositis, scleroderma, and more, as well as inflammatory conditions. Often, patients suffering from chronic pain have either experienced a reduction, or even an elimination of their pain within minutes of an NMT treatment. Many of these patients have experienced successful resolutions of their health issues with NMT when conventional medical care and other types of “complementary” or “alternative” medicine has been proven ineffective.

Is it effective?

The mind-body can be optimally well only when its internal conditions are kept in optimal balance and harmony. We call this “homeostasis.” This requires accurate mind-body awareness of its internal conditions and the external environment and an ideal ability to select the appropriate physiological processes that efficiently adapt to those conditions in response to the moment by moment changes in those environments.

The mind-body has certain capacities and mechanisms to heal itself and preserve or restore homeostatic balance. Any compromise of optimal mind-body awareness of its internal and external conditions can cause these healing mechanisms to be inefficient and to fail.

The information processing that produces the decisions that regulate body function occurs at an unconscious or “other-than-conscious” level. (OTC) Such information processing would otherwise be a great distraction to conscious mental focus and for this reason there is a veil of awareness separating the conscious and other-than-conscious mind.

Challenges from the external environment, for example the introduction of pathogens, non-toxic foods, or environmental chemistries may trigger disease such as infection or allergy. These may be seen as a cause of disease, but on a deeper level the cause of such disease will be seen to be informational in nature. Confusion and compromised awareness of internal and external conditions prevent the mind-body from efficiently applying its healing capabilities to eliminate pathogens and to stop inappropriate inflammatory behavior such as allergy.

The Neuromodulation Technique (NMT) solution for this informational problem is to enter into a highly structured and very specific NMT therapeutic dialogue with the patient’s mind-body. There are a variety of NMT therapeutic dialogues called NMT clinical pathways which we use to address specific issues. For instance, the NMT Allergy Pathway permits us to look closely at the elements of the mind-body behavior that produce neural immune inflammation in response to benign chemistries in the food or environment.

Each NMT clinical pathway includes questions that ask the mind-body to reconsider its awareness in regard to the subject matter of the pathway as well as corrective statements that train the mind-body to make better physiological choices congruent with healing and wellness.

By applying the NMT protocol, the mind-body is directed to identify and correct the informational confusion that misdirects the mind-body toward illness and prevents efficient application of it healing resources.

What happens in an NMT Session?

When an NMT practitioner and patient come together in the spirit of goodwill and with the intention to interact cooperatively for the benefit of the patient, there is an opening of a channel of other than conscious communication between them that permits the exchange of information as “thought pictures” rather than words. We are all familiar with the experience of having a thought instantaneously come to mind that might require us many minutes to explain in words to another person. It is these whole thoughts and ideas that are communicated from the conscious/other-than-conscious mind of the practitioner to the other-than-conscious mind of the patient.

The NMT practitioner initiates the therapeutic dialogue of the NMT session in this way. The practitioner brings to mind a question or statement from the selected NMT clinical pathway. The practitioner silently reads or thinks that question or statement and by doing so brings to mind the meaning it represents. The practitioner holds the strong intention to communicate or share that meaning as a “thought picture” with the patient.

The same other-than-conscious messaging channel that permits the patient to receive such thought pictures from the NMT practioner is a two-way street. Thought images representing the patient’s OTC response to communication from the NMT practitioner are also shared. Because that information is shared on an other-than-conscious level of awareness, some mechanism is required in order to bring the patients response to the conscious awareness of the NMT practitioner.

Muscle response testing (MRT) is used as a tool, an external indicator that will reveal an affirmative or negative answer about that other-than-conscious communication in a way that is obvious to the conscious mind of both the NMT practitioner and patient. This affirmative or negative response is revealed as a change in the quality of the response of the muscle used for testing. (Weak or strong muscle)

The NMT protocol proceeds in this way. The NMT practitioner identifies and applies the various NMT clinical pathways that are indicated for the patient for that NMT session. The result of this process will be to induce the mind-body to produce a more accurate awareness of its internal and external conditions and by so doing; informational obstacles to healing are eliminated allowing the natural innate response to heal the body.

The official NMT website,, provides a rich resource of information for you to learn more about this highly effective healing tool. There you will find articles and videos that demonstrate and explain NMT, testimonials from patients and practitioners, as well as a forum in which patients, healthcare practitioners, and other interested parties can freely discuss NMT. We invite you to share what you learn with your family and friends so they, too, can benefit from this unique new paradigm of healing.