“I want to thank everyone that helped me, and the wonderful job they have done. I’ve been going through my program for four weeks now. I am off of my medicine, I feel so much better now. I sleep well, I feel great, I would recommend this program to anyone ready to get out of pain” -Sonnie

“I had severe neuropathy and have been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years, so I was skeptical. Now my meds have been cut, my pain is gone and my neurologist is amazed.”

– Mickey R., Actual Patient

I am a 29 year breast cancer survivor. I met Dr. Wersland at a Race for the Cure event many years ago. He and his team are genuinely concerned for each person’s journey and well being.

Dr. Wersland has combined forces to tailor-make treatment for my neuropathy: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, supplements, nutrition, home therapies, and PRP injections. As a result the burning in my feet is much reduced and I know what to do when it starts. I have been able to reduce pain medications that were clouding my days.

The whole team is so knowledgeable, willing to answer questions and keep me motivated. I may be one of many clients, but I am always treated as if I am the most important person in the room.

Healing is a journey made pleasant with caring travel partners.

– Diane W.

“My feet had been hurting for quite a while, I finally had no more feeling in my feet and my biggest concern was that while driving I couldn’t feel if my foot was pushing on the brake, and I almost ran into my house. My daily life was a struggle so I decided to start treatments. Three weeks into my program I could feel the carpet under my feet for the first time in years. I continued to feel improvement, now I’m up to 60% feeling in my feet and I’m not done with my plan yet. I feel better, I’m more confident in my driving and walking, I have my life back. Thank you!”

“I have neuropathy in my feet and legs. My doctor wanted to start me on medication, but I wanted to find a different way. I researched natural alternatives I found the Integrated Wellness way. When I started the program I was taking Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, every day to get through the day. After 12 treatments I am now all the way off of pain medications. I don’t have any symptoms at night and I am finally able to sleep!! Thank you!” Mary H.

“I had really bad neuropathy in both my feet, and it continued to get worse. I went to see my medical doctor but he couldn’t do anything for me, his only plan was to keep giving me pain pills, and my pain and neuropathy worsened. I decided to try the natural way! After three weeks of my neuropathy treatment program I am doing so much better. My pain is way down, because I’ve stuck to my anti-inflammatory diet and healthy eating plan I’ve lost 8 pounds, I feel better, I’ve gotten incredible results and I have my life back! Thank you.”

“At 80 my neurologist told me I had neuropathy, and that there was nothing they could do about it. He put me on pain medication and told me to be careful not to fall. I found hope with this program! After eight weeks of therapy I’ve had amazing results. I no longer have tingling and pain in my feet, my balance has drastically improved. The greatest thing is that I’m sleeping better at night. I wake up refreshed and I feel so much better mentally too. Thank you!”