We stay in the shade, cover up from head to toe, or lather ourselves up in 50+ sunblock – during the limited hours of outdoor time that modern life allows – disconnecting us from the many essential benefits of the sun. Reconnect With The Sun To Stay Young! It’s important to be conscientious of the risks associated with sun exposure, a balance must be restored for optimal health.

Reconnect With The Sun To Stay Young

Reconnect With The Sun To Stay Young

A Brief Defense Of The Sun

We are biophotonic beings, meaning we are literally made of light! And we are pre-wired to interact with the greatest light source of all, the sun. Thus, we need the sun to thrive. It is a part of us. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to lay in the sun and walk away with a “healthy glow?” That’s because it IS good! The sun nourishes and rejuvenates us with its energy.

Sun exposure wasn’t always a health threat; environmental stressors and food toxicity interfere with the natural relationship humans have always enjoyed with the sun. Depletion of the ozone layer weakens protection from harmful UV rays and the absence of a diet rich in antioxidants reduces our body’s resistance to sun damage. But the sun itself is not to blame or be feared; it allows our bodies to produce vitamin D, strengthens our immune system, and eases depression and anxiety naturally by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels. Seen in this light, moderate sun exposure may even reduce the risk of skin cancer, aging, and disease. Indeed, lack of adequate sunlight may be far more damaging to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Steps To Healthy Sun Exposure

When is the best time to enjoy the sun?

UV rays are strongest between approximately 10 AM-3 PM, so early morning and late afternoon is the safest and most beneficial time to be outdoors in the sun. But you don’t need to avoid the sun during peak hours. Just be cautious of the amount of time, especially if you have sensitive skin or burn easily. Use a natural, non-toxic sunscreen or cover up during these peak hours.

What about sunblock? Is is safe?

Traditional sunblock and sunscreen products block UV rays, interfering with one of the sun’s greatest benefits – vitamin D production. They also have harmful chemicals you don’t want entering your bloodstream through your skin. Coconut oil is a safe alternative, and carries natural, low SPF!

Apply coconut oil before and after sun exposure, especially during high peak hours (between 10 AM and 3 PM) or if you have sensitive skin that burns easily. Coconut oil should always be applied after sun exposure to replenish the skin’s moisture. Aloe vera should also be applied – before coconut oil- even if no sign of a burn is visible.

How much sun do we need? How much is too much?

Gradually build pigmentation by slowly increasing sun exposure over time. Our skin has a highly efficient, built-in system for sun protection that varies depending on your skin type. Use common sense and watch your skin for signs of over-exposure. Take care of your skin before and after being in the sun. Be sensible and listen to your body.

Can We Get Enough Vitamin D From The Sun?

Although the sun is the most natural and powerful source of vitamin D production, it can’t sustain us due to inadequate nutrition and limited sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency is common and causes numerous health issues: depression, fatigue, high susceptibility to illness, bone and hair loss, muscle pain, etc. A Vitamin D3 supplement of 1,000-4,000 IU’s daily is essential while maximizing your time in the sun.

Aging is caused by the loss of energy. The sun restores energy. It is a healthy source of light, given the right timing and daily dosage. It’s light provides order to the universe, and can bring balance back into to our lives. If we lose touch with this life source, we lose touch with ourselves. So, fall back in love with the sun and enjoy it’s miraculous power to heal!

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