sharp electric-like pain 

Is the sharp electric-like pain in your feet or hands so bad that it impacts your ability to function throughout the day or get proper sleep at night?


When even simple tasks around the house become difficult to do because of chronic pain it might be time to intervene. If the quality of life has decreased, or if you aren’t capable of doing everything you used to love, neuropathy treatment may be an option for you.

Our Neuropathy treatment can help you:


Prevent long term medication use


Increase blood circulation


Jump-start recovery


Regain independence and freedom 


Avoid invasive surgery


Relieve Sharp Electric like pain in your hands and/or feet


Improve the quality of life


Reverse damage (in some cases) 

During your initial consultation, we’ll show you how others, just like you, have gotten back to doing what they love and living pain-free. Our clients have eliminated the need for surgery, prescription drugs, and steroid injections after working with our amazing team of doctors.

We are so excited to see how we can help you! Click below to begin.

At Integrated Wellness, we promise to do our part and we also leave you with an easy to do home therapy plan that makes success simple and quick! Our at home therapy includes a rebuilder unit where you soak and relax your feet in hot water with rebuilder pads for 30 minutes every day, red LED light boot that uses the power of anodyne light therapy to heal your nerves, and hot/cold water treatment.  We give you a customized daily nutritional plan and supplements plan to increase circulation, accelerate tissue healing and balance the systemic healing process and provide you with topical pain relief.  


“I want to thank everyone that helped me, and the wonderful job they have done. I’ve been going through my program for four weeks now. Now I am off of my medicine, I feel so much better now. Sleep well, I feel great, I would recommend this program to anyone ready to get out of pain” -Sonnie

“I had really bad neuropathy in both my feet, and it continued to get worse. Went to see my medical doctor but he couldn’t do anything for me, his only plan was to keep giving me pain pills, and my pain and neuropathy worsened. I decided to try the natural way! After three weeks of my neuropathy treatment program I am doing so much better. My pain is way down, because I’ve stuck to my anti-inflammatory diet and healthy eating plan I’ve lost 8 pounds, I feel better, I’ve gotten incredible results and I have my life back! Thank you.”

Natural Solutions, Real Results

I am a 29 year breast cancer survivor. I met Dr. Wersland at a Race for the Cure event many years ago. He and his team are genuinely concerned for each person’s journey and well being.

Dr. Wersland has combined forces to tailor-make treatment for my neuropathy: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, supplements, nutrition, home therapies, and PRP injections. As a result the burning in my feet is much reduced and I know what to do when it starts. I have been able to reduce pain medications that were clouding my days.

The whole team is so knowledgeable, willing to answer questions and keep me motivated. I may be one of many clients, but I am always treated as if I am the most important person in the room.

Healing is a journey made pleasant with caring travel partners.

– Diane W.

“I have neuropathy in my feet and legs. My doctor wanted to start me on medication, but I wanted to find a different way. I researched natural alternatives I found the Integrated Wellness way. When I started the program I was taking Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, every day to get through the day. After 12 treatments I am now all the way off of pain medications. I don’t have any symptoms at night and I am finally able to sleep!! Thank you!” Mary H.