What Our Patients Are Saying

“Integrated Pain Specialists is where I’ve been going for the pain in my back and knees. They are helping me so much and everyone there is so kind and considerate. I’d recommend them to anyone!” – SUE K.
“Great friendly staff! Been going here for neck and shoulder pain and they have done wonders for relieving my pain! Highly recommend for pain relief.” – Samantha
“I am so pleased with the results of the stem cell treatment in both my knees. I had horrible pain in my right knee and that has improved so much – I just have small twinges now. My left knee is almost pain-free. It has not even been a full week since the injections. I feel very optimistic that I will progress to NO pain in time.” –Vicki C
“From the moment I stepped through the door at Integrated Pain Specialist, I was met with genuine,
professional, knowledgeable, and concerned people. Every aspect of the process was explained and performed perfectly. In short, I could not be happier with my decision and I am confident that because of their work my life has dramatically been changed for the better!” – Chris L
“WOW This is the BEST DECISION WE MADE. My knees are better than ever before. I honestly can’t remember my knees feeling this good. This is a MIRACLE. May GOD bless you ALL for what you are doing for Humanity, this is way better than the bone marrow stem cells I had 2-3 years ago.” – John & Alison

“Pain can be a serious issue that impacts your daily life if left untreated. Luckily, I’ve found a great solution at Integrated Pain Specialists – SLC. The doctors there are extremely knowledgeable and dedicate their time to understanding your needs and educating you on your treatment options. They are always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have, and they go above and beyond to provide the best possible care. Even if I just have an occasional ache or pain that needs addressing, they always find a way to make me feel better.” – Lorraine B.
Total knee replacement was imminent but I decided to get stem cell therapy at Integrated Pain Specialists over 6 months ago. I can now climb stairs again without any problem, I am playing golf again and going about my normal life again. I am very satisfied with the results I got and would recommend Integrated Pain Specialists to anyone out there experiencing pain and lack of mobility. I would do it again tomorrow. Thank you! – Gary D.
“This is a place to find ANSWERS not band-aids to improve your health.” –Mindi J.
I went to an Integrated Pain Specialists Seminar to learn about Stem Cells. I was so impressed by their presentation and met with them. My hip has severe Osteoarthritis. I either get a replacement or do stem cells. I chose stem cells. The staff is wonderful to work with and I love the plan that I’m following. My health and pain improved significantly in the first week. I’ve had my injection and continue to improve. I recommend anyone wanting to seek relief and willing to follow a health plan to see Integrated Pain Specialists!!” –Chris M