Forward head posture causes the cervical spine to lose the lordotic curvature necessary to support loads, allow maximum range of motion, and optimize neck function. That’s why Texting Is A Real Pain In The Neck! In addition, lack of cervical lordosis (curvature of the neck vertebrae) is the first step that leads to Degenerative Disc Disease.


Degenerative Disc Disease refers to the symptoms from wear and tear on the spinal disc: pain, weakness, numbness, and sometimes hot shooting pains in the arms and legs. Neck and lower back pain caused by DDD are one of the most common reasons people seek medical help. We’re hard on our necks and backs, and pain is the result, but it’s not necessary to live in pain.

It’s possible to restore some degree of cervical lordosis by utilizing various spinal molding exercises, and we can easily save our necks by taking a few simple, preventative steps.


  • Raise phone up to eye level
  • Stop texting so much. Take frequent breaks from the phone
  • Sit up straight. Ears should be level with your neck and shoulders
  • Stretch and do neck and shoulders rolls throughout the day
  • Stay hydrated. This helps keep spinal discs healthy.
  • Exercise regularly

If you experience chronic headaches or neck stiffness, soreness, or pain that doesn’t go away, see one of our chiropractors for treatment. Get quick pain relief and long-lasting healing, without surgery or medication.

If you are suffering from neck pain, a chiropractic consultation or physical therapy could help you find relief. Book a consultation today!

Texting Is A Real Pain In The Neck

Texting Is A Real Pain In The Neck