Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City, often called physiotherapy or just PT is often used as part of a bigger, multidisciplinary program that’s designed to treat the majority of spinal disorders, which include those that result in FBSS failed back surgery syndrome. Sometimes, your doctor will recommend PT to help you manage pain, improve flexibility, restore function, reduce inflammation, correct posture, and build endurance and strength.

A physical therapist or physiotherapist is considered an expert in the healthcare field who is formulates a customized treatment program including active and passive therapies to meet the specific goals and needs of a patient. The PT you hire may start at any time, right after your diagnosis has been confirmed, and soon after acute neck or back pain has gone away or after it has been controlled, prior to spine surgery, if it is recommended, and during your post-operative rehabilitation and recovery.

The therapies are classified as being active or passive based on if the treatment is given to the patient passively or if the patient is being actively involved in the therapy. Some examples of passive PT will include ultrasound, cold and heat packs, and therapist guided range of motion movements. Some of the most common types of active therapies including things like stretching and various strengthening exercises.

Components of Active and Passive Physical Therapy

A therapy is considered active or passed on if the treatment is administered to the patient, which is passive, or the patient is involved in this therapy, which is active. The most company types of passive PT will include the things mentioned above and the same with active physical therapy in Salt Lake City.

physical therapy in salt lake city
physical therapy in Salt Lake City

Passive PT

This type of therapist guided range of motion, ultrasound, TENS, and heat and cold can help to relax tense muscles, soothe soft tissues, and increase flexibility. Some passive therapies will also help to prepare your body for much more active movements, such as exercise. A passive modality is created to help you feel better while they are being applied, but they don’t help after the treatment is complete.

Active PT

An active type of physical therapy in Salt Lake City is exercise based. It means that your physical therapist is going to teach you several exercises or simple movements that are designed to help improve range of motion, strength, and flexibility. With active therapies, your therapist is going to show you exercises that are customized to your specific spinal condition.

After you have reached a certain level of conditioning and comfort, the therapist may begin to move on and teach you a much more structured exercise regimen that you are able to do on your own at home to help and maintain the overall health of your spine. Usually, the at-home exercises that you do as part of your physical therapy in Salt Lake City are extremely crucial for sustained effort.

If you want to ensure that your physical therapy in Salt Lake City efforts are successful, then it is a good idea to keep the information here in mind. This is going to pay off in the long run and ensure that you get the treatment and results that you want and need. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are ready to seek treatment and enhance your ability to recover from an injury that you have suffered.

physical therapy in Salt Lake City
physical therapy in Salt Lake City

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