Exercise boosts happiness levels, increases strength and flexibility, improves memory, allows you to learn how to set and achieve goals, reduces risk of heart disease, and the list goes on… and on. Try this 15 Minute Full-Body Circuit, just a simple exercise routine to stay in the track!

The Integrated Wellness Fitness Center has the right people with the right training to help you defy your limitations and reach your goals.

To get you started, our fitness team has provided a full body circuit that can be performed at home, outside or at the gym. With only four simple moves, you’ll boost your metabolism while toning and strengthening your entire body!

Full Body Circuit

Plank with hip drop: 3×15

Drop your hips left to right. If you have a ball about the size of a basketball, put it under your stomach and focus on scooping your belly up and around it, almost like you’re carving space around the ball. Perform slow and controlled, 3 sets of 15 reps per side.

Sumo squats with side crunch: 3×15

Perform these squats with feet wider than shoulder distance apart, with your toes pointed out. Squat down, then propel yourself to one side while you bring your opposite leg up. Think of bringing your knee to your armpit.

Elbow press and punch: 3×15

Bring your elbows together, and clasp your hands together. Squeeze your elbows together so they don’t come apart as you raise your fists towards the ceiling. Lower back down. Perform these at a quick tempo and feel your shoulders burn!

Cross crawl: 3×15

Starting on all fours, extend one leg and the opposite arm. Try to lift your leg and arm as high as you can without rocking your hips back and forth. To challenge yourself, place a small ball on your low back and try to balance it for the entire exercise.

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15 Minute Full-Body Circuit